Easier, quicker, less waste,
no pumps required

Nulon is making DIY easy again with EZY-SQUEEZE®, a revolutionary new fluid delivery system for all automatic transmissions, manual gearboxes and differentials.

Watch how easy it is to change fluids with EZY-SQUEEZE®:
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Nulon EZY-SQUEEZE® is a flexible 1 litre packaging solution featuring a patent-pending applicator that makes servicing automatic transmissions, gearboxes and differentials quicker and easier than ever before.

The unique packaging solution overcomes the challenge of accessing hard to reach fill points and the flexible packaging and applicator tube are easy to use in confined spaces.

  • Easier – flexible packaging makes accessing tight spaces a thing of the past
  • Quicker - Up to 50% reduction in time when compared to pump/syringe syytems
  • Less waste – Filler tube and FILLER-TOOL system eliminates spillage
  • No pump required – Messy, leaking pumps are a thing of the past
  • Reduction in waste packaging – Empty packaging easy to dispose of
  • Wide range – Covers over 95% of vehicles on Australian and New Zealand roads

How it works

Always refer to OEM Drain and fill guidelines

EZY-SQUEEZE® is the easiest way to change your gearbox, automatic transmission and differential fluid.

View our range of EZY-SQUEEZE® DIY videos


Change your transmission fluids
Change your differential oil
Change CVT fluid
Change your DSG fluid

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The ® Range

Automatic Transmission Fluids/ CVT Fluids / DSG Fluids

Gearbox and Differential Oils


Nulon has created a range of FILLER-TOOL(s)™ designed to work specifically with the EZY-SQUEEZE™ applicator hose. The high-quality FILLER-TOOL™ features a knurled grip to reduce slipping and an O-ring for drip-free application, minimising spillage and waste when compared to conventional fluid transfer methods.

The FILLER-TOOL™ range can be purchased through all good auto stores.

The ™ Range

Automatic Transmission Fluids/ CVT Fluids / DSG Fluids